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From summer intern to UK Service and Support Manager: The route to expertise

Service and Support Manager, UK – Aaron Booth

Aaron is a well-respected member of the team at Renishaw Neuro Solutions, having joined in July 2015 as part of a sponsored summer internship.During his time at Renishaw, Aaron has continued building on his engineering expertise, progressing from Technical Engineering Apprentice to his current role as Service and Support Manager, UK.

What led you to take up this role?

During my A-levels, I was put forward for an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. As part of that, I was assigned a sponsor company, Renishaw, I did a summer placement there when I was 16 years old, to gain experience in engineering and find out what it really meant to work in an engineering company.

During this placement I found out about the many different opportunities that were available at Renishaw, including a mechanical engineering apprenticeship scheme that seemed like a great opportunity, with placements in various business areas. Through my apprenticeship I discovered that medical devices, particularly the neurological field, was where I wanted to specialise.

Aaron Booth, UK neurological products support supervisor

What do you do in your day-to-day role?

Every day is varied, which is one of the things that I really enjoy about service and support. We support customers with products in the field. When we have a customer who is looking to purchase a neuromate® robot or our neuroinspire™ planning software, we start with a site visit to do an evaluation and ensure that everything is compatible; we then go through the process of installation and setup of the equipment.

Another part of our role is to calibrate and maintain the equipment to help minimise downtime a crucial feature within a clinical environment.

I'm also involved in the day-to-day training and support of users including neurosurgeons, theatre staff and the wider hospital team, which is a really collaborative process between the healthcare staff and the Renishaw team.

What have been the most rewarding moments in your role?

Seeing where we make a difference is very rewarding! Being out in the field means we get to see first-hand how our products are used in the clinic, the challenges users face, and how we can help to troubleshoot any issues.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of providing support and answering the questions that people have, exactly when the answers are needed. It may be the case that a surgeon has a question about a specific software feature or an accessory that needs answering quickly and it's rewarding to know that I've made a difference to their work.

What are some of the challenges you experience?

There's lots of learning initially. But everyone at Renishaw is so helpful and they're keen to help you to learn and progress. While I don't have a neuroscience or a medical background, it's not essential to the role and that's largely thanks to Renishaw's extensive training and support. We've also got teams who service other parts of the world, including Europe the Americas and Asia Pacific, who we can reach out to and find out whether they've had a similar experience.

Aaron booth fitting a mimics head to neuromate

How does Renishaw support your career pathway and your role in general?

Renishaw is unique in that they're very keen to support staff development and, in my case, sponsor my education. I've been studying to convert my HND to a bachelor degree in engineering (BEng) through the University of Portsmouth and they've been really supportive in sponsoring me and allocating a day a week to study. I'm happy to say I have recently graduated from the course.

The flexibility is great too! If you're looking to take a particular career path, there are plenty of people that are happy to help you try out certain things. It's also rewarding to be in a role that has lots of opportunity for progression. Some of our apprentices have moved into a design role but there's also the opportunity to move upwards in the same role as well.

One thing that I would say about Renishaw is that they're great at taking your ambitions onboard and helping you go in that direction.

What would you say to someone looking to apply for a role at Renishaw?

Go for it. Renishaw is a great place to work! I've learnt a huge amount and gained so much confidence since starting out as an apprentice.

Importantly, the work-life balance here is great and the hours are fairly flexible; some people choose to start and finish earlier, while others prefer to start and finish later.

Interested in a career at Renishaw?

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