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PH10 PLUS introduction

This guide describes the installation and product usage of the PH10 PLUS series of motorised probe heads. This guide gives information on physical installation as well as assistance in fault-finding during the installation of a system.

CAUTION: The components of the PH10 PLUS system are not compatible with PH9 and PH20 system components. No attempt should be made to connect the PH10 PLUS system components to a PH9 or PH20 system as this will result in damage to the product.

CAUTION: PH10 PLUS heads must be used in conjunction with the Renishaw PHC10-3 PLUS when part of an OEM installation not using Renishaw UCC controllers.

This guide should be read in conjunction with the PHC10-3 PLUS installation guide (part number H-1000-0077) in order to fully understand the system connections, features, capabilities and operation.