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Raman connect


Find out about the possibilities of Raman spectroscopy through blogs, opinions and research pieces from Renishaw applications scientists and our worldwide network of customers.

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Raman webinar on computer with headphones


Gain valuable insights from our worldwide team of applications scientists. Watch presentations live or on-demand to learn about our products and the wide range of application areas.

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Raman online demos


Visit our YouTube playlist to see product demonstrations and application examples in Raman spectroscopy.

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Hand adjusting a Raman microscope

Raman explained

Raman spectroscopy is used to understand more about the make-up of materials. Discover the basic principles here.

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Application note:  Application note:  Allergy relief tablet image from RA802 pharmaceutical analyser using LiveTrack


Raman spectroscopy is being successfully applied to a wide range of materials in both research and industrial laboratories.

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Raman news

Find out about Renishaw's latest Raman spectroscopy product news, case stories and technical articles.

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