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TP20 touch-trigger probe kit

The standard Renishaw TP20 touch-trigger probe kit (see following figure) comprises the following primary components:

  • One TP20 probe body
  • One or two TP20 probe modules (see TP20 probe kits for available combinations)
  • Probe and stylus tools

TP20 probe body

The probe body incorporates a standard Renishaw M8 × 1.25 mm screw connector mount and is designed to house the mating half of the probe module's kinematic coupling.

TP20 inhibit probe body

This contains the magnetic proximity switch necessary to inhibit triggering of the probe during automatic changing of the probe modules.

TP20 non-inhibit probe body

This probe body does not include the magnetic proximity switch and so can be used for any application, including those where strong magnetic fields are present.

TP20 touch-trigger probe kit
TP20 probe module family