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Product maintenance

NOTE: Maintenance of the TP20 probe is restricted to the periodic cleaning of the kinematic couplings of both the probe body and the probe module(s). To aid cleaning of these couplings, each TP20 probe is supplied with a Renishaw CK200 cleaning kit.

Each Renishaw CK200 cleaning kit contains a specialised material to effectively remove contamination from the precision ball / V groove seatings, electrical contacts and permanent magnets of the kinematic couplings.

NOTE: When operating the TP20 probe in environments subjected to airborne contamination, the user should determine the frequency of cleaning required to ensure the kinematic couplings remains uncontaminated.

Whilst the kinematic coupling mechanism is highly tolerant of nonmetallic dust, regular inspection and cleaning with the material provided is recommended to ensure continued high performance. Instructions for use are included with the cleaning kit. If required, replacement kits can be ordered from your supplier (Renishaw part number A-1085-0016).

Probe modules that are not attached to the probe body should be stored in the MCR20, TCR20 or MSR1 rack, or in their transport boxes, to prevent contamination.