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PH10 connection of probes and extensions

PH10T PLUS M8 connection

PH10T PLUS is designed to carry Renishaw probes and extensions with an M8 screw thread. Probes and extensions are screwed into the probe head's bush and tightened with the appropriate spanner.

CAUTION: Never use anything other than the Renishaw spanner provided and do not apply excessive force.

Autojoint connector on PH10

PH10M PLUS and PH10MQ PLUS autojoint connection

PH10M PLUS and PH10MQ PLUS heads use a Renishaw autojoint which is a highly repeatable kinematic joint, one half is integral to the head. The other half forms part of the adaptor, extension bar or probe.

Locking and unlocking the autojoint is carried out either manually, using the autojoint key, or automatically using the Renishaw autochange rack systems (ACR1 or ACR3). In both cases, the connection's repeatability eliminates the need for probe requalification after exchange.

If an extension bar, adaptor or probe needs to be attached to the head manually, ensure that the location dots shown in the image below are aligned.

Autojoint locating position