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Mounting MCR20 onto the CMM

To mount the MCR20 probe module change rack onto your CMM, carry out the following procedure:

CAUTION: For optimum crash protection, it is recommended that the MCR20 is mounted as close as possible to the extreme edge of the CMM's operating envelope.

  • Place the location piece in the desired position on the CMM table and secure in place using the M8 / M10 bolt and washer supplied. Using the appropriate Allen key (supplied), fully hand-tighten the M8 / M10 bolt into the threaded insert within the CMM table.
  • A special location piece with integral bolt is available for M12 inserts (Renishaw part number M-1371-0298). If using this tighten using an S1 ‘C' spanner (supplied with the probe kit).
  • Mount the lower base of the MCR20 over the location piece and rotate the X-axis of the rack until the required alignment is obtained.
  • Using the 1.5 mm hexagonal key supplied, fully hand-tighten the M3 cone point grubscrew (0.5 Nm - 1 Nm) to lock the MCR20 in position.

NOTES: Whilst the TP20 system does not require that the MCR20 is aligned with the CMM axes, ease of programming or software constraints may make alignment with the CMM axes desirable.

The MCR20 is not designed for horizontal operation with the ports in a vertical orientation.

Mounting MCR20 onto the CMM