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MCR20 probe module changing rack kit

NOTE: Renishaw supplies eight types of MCR20 probe module changing rack kit, each kit providing a different combination of probe modules.

The MCR20 probe module changing rack kit comprises the following primary components:

  • One Renishaw MCR20 probe module changing rack
  • One Renishaw SCR200 mounting kit
  • One location piece
  • One Renishaw PS2R stylus
  • Two Renishaw TP20 probe modules (probe module combination supplied will depend on part number of kit)

The MCR20 probe module changing rack, which can be easily mounted onto a CMM using the Renishaw SCR200 mounting kit and location piece, is designed to securely hold stored probe modules for automatic changing, and to protect these stored probe modules from airborne contaminants that may be present within the working environment. Only seven datum points are needed to set the MCR20 rack alignment and probe module changing co-ordinates.

The MCR20 probe module change rack

When using the rack, the inhibit version of the TP20 probe must be used. By generating a magnetic field about the front of each docking port lid, the MCR20 effectively ‘closes' the probe's inhibit switch during a probe module changing cycle. Rack function is completely passive and no electrical input is required.

During automatic changing of probe modules, limited crash protection is provided by hinged overtravel mechanisms incorporated within both the base and the docking port assembly of the MCR20. Provided any collision occurs in the direction of overtravel, the hinged overtravel mechanisms can be manually reset and it should not normally be necessary to re-datum the rack.

MCR20 probe module changing rack kits are available with the following combinations of probe modules and may be ordered from your supplier:

MCR20 kit part number

LF probe module

SF probe module

MF probe module

EF probe module




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