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Forensic science requires high-performance versatile analytical instruments which are reliable and traceable.

Renishaw's Raman systems deliver these key requirements and are used in forensic science laboratories worldwide.

Versatility is evident

Dollar bill showing traces of explosiveYou can accurately detect and analyse small fragments of material with Renishaw's Raman systems.
  • Identify particles, fibres and materials
  • Analyse paint smears from vehicle collisions
  • Identify narcotics
  • Detect counterfeits
  • Identify traces of explosives and gunshot residues
  • Differentiate pen and printer inks, and determine the sequence with which lines cross on questioned documents

Image: overlaid Dollar bill StreamLine™ images showing, black ink (white), green ink (green), unique paper fibres (yellow) and trace explosives (red)

Reliable results
Renishaw's Raman systems produce data that accurately represents the sample, time and time again. They perform routine internal health checks so you can be confident in your data.

SEM-SCAInvestigate using different techniques
Raman analysis is non-contacting and non-destructive. You can analyse your samples multiple times and subsequently study them with other techniques.

Bring chemical analysis power to your scanning electron microscope (SEM), by adding a Renishaw SEM-SCA Raman system. Identify not just the elements present but their chemical structures too.

When speed is of the essence
Rapid analysis of even minute particles is at the heart of forensic science. Some key forensic techniques are slow. With Renishaw Raman systems you can quickly identify suspect materials or detect target substances.

Image: a scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with a Renishaw SEM-SCA Raman system.

Forensic gallery

  • Dollar bill showing traces of explosive
  • White light and Raman image of crossing inks
  • Fingerprint with cocaine particles

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